Mississippi Bicentennial (MS State Seal)

Mississippi Bicentennial Celebration

Celebrating 200 years of statehood


Explore state attractions by region with this map from Visit Mississippi. There are also a number of themed driving trails that allow you to explore Mississippi history and culture from the Gulf Coast to the Delta.


natchez_trace_thumbThe Natchez Trace Parkway stretches for 444 miles from Natchez all the way to Nashville, Tennessee, with its Mississippi terminus in Tishomingo County. Developed based on Native American, settler, and trader routes, the Trace is a scenic drive punctuated by pull-offs at historical and natural sites across Mississippi, Alabama, and Tennessee.



Vicksburg National Military Parkvburg_military_park_thumb preserves the battlefield of the Civil War campaign at Vicksburg, allowing visitors to drive the Union and Confederate lines and visit memorials honoring soldiers from different states.





freedom_trail_thumbThe Mississippi Freedom Trail honors the men and women who fought for civil rights in Mississippi as well as the locations of some of the most important events in the Mississippi civil rights movement.





blues_trail_thumbThe Mississippi Blues Trail highlights the people and places of the blues, Mississippi’s contribution to the world’s music.





Country Music Trail logoThe Mississippi Country Music Trail lets visitors explore Mississippi’s contributions to country music.





hot tamale thumbThe Hot Tamale Trail explores the culture and traditions of hot tamales in the Delta with stops in restaurants and grocery stores from Tunica to Vicksburg.





mound_trail_thumbThe Mississippi Mound Trail stretches 350 miles through western Mississippi along historic Highway 61. Explore some of the nation’s largest and oldest Native American mounds and mound groups.





historical_marker_thumbHistorical markers identify and interpret historic sites across Mississippi. More than one thousand markers can be found near buildings, battlefields, cemeteries, churches, temples, forts, ho mes, schools, and abandoned towns.




Explore other state attractions by region with this map from Visit Mississippi.